Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University



Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University is the focal organization responsible for art and culture conservation in Naresuan University. The institute is established to expending role in data compilation, conducting research and development, and information dissemination on a unique identify relating to the way of life of people in the Greater Mekong-Salween Sub region countries which are Thailand, China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies will strengthen partnership and establish networks among institute within the country and extend linkages to the international organizations .


     Civilization in a dynamic world is required to develop into a learning society, particularly in the social context. In the Thai context, society needs to keep up with the rapidly-changing world and to broaden perspectives to compete with other on the world stage, based on intellect, creativity and virtue.


      Developed intellect and pursued creation toward serene society .


    1. Civilization studies research:

      1.1 To support research in corresponding to the need of the developing through community, country, sub region and global concern.
      1.2 To study research and collect knowledge based the way of living in the Mekong-Salween sub region.

   2. Research:

     2.1 The Development of Quality and Standard of Sukhothai Ceramic Products for Export to Japan.
     2.2 The Participatory Development of the Cultural Tourism Route by the Communities in Phitsanulok Municipality.
     2.3 The Research and Development of Database involved the Four Necessities for a Living in the Lower Northern Region, Thailand.
     2.4 The Relationship between the Performing Arts of Aeng Ko and Ethnic Diversity in Nakhonsawan Province.
     2.5  Local Art and Culture: A case study of communities in the Lower Northern Region
     2.6 The Development of Ceramic Products : Wisdom of 3 provinces in the Lower Northern Region, Thailand
     2.7 Local Learning Enrichment Network (LLEN) in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

   3.Community services:

    3.1 To support staff in community services and development within the country and international
    3.2 To support staff in bridging knowledge networks and giving advice on art and culture in Mekong-Salween sub region.
    3.3 To support staff in coordination and developing networking with public organization.
    3.4 To support strengthening partnership in order to learning society development.
           -  Lecturer and trainer on art and culture.
           -  Created activities with other organizations including seminar, dialogue, training program and workshop.
           -  The Royal institute, Faculty of Humanities and Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University cooperated to conduct a seminar on Contemporary Art Education.
            -  Mahidol University's Research Center for Peace Building and Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University cooperated to conduct a dialogue on Political and Peaceful.
            -  Sub district Administrative Organization, Educational Institution and Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University cooperated to conduct a training program.
            -  Asean International Art Workshop
            -  Publicize civilization knowledge on radio, television, press releases and website involving “Dok Peep or Millingtonia Hortensis Design for tricycle in Phitsanulok Municipality” “Bang Kaew Plaster Pain in Bangrakam District”


      4.1 Naresuan University Art Gallery
  has expanding role knowledge sharing, development and preservation of Art including of display exhibition form young artist, national artist and International artist.

      4.2 Textile Museum serves as a center of information technology concerning Thai textiles and containing: Tai Krang Exhibition, The Chitralada Museum, Temporary Exhibition Room and Information Service Center.

     4.3 Live Museum displays art garden and demonstrations of the methods employed in weaving cotton cloth, how to produce Thai textile from the first step to the last step - weaving textile in different ways.
     4.4 Project of Naresuan University Hall of Fame and Mekong – Salween Living Museum
     4.5 Support the development of database system and information technology innovation about museum applied to society.
     4.6 Support the academic publishing of live way in Mekong –Salween sub region.

Institute of Mekong-Salween Civilization Studies Naresuan University
2 nd floor, Textile Museum Building Naresuan University
Thapho Sub - district, Muang District, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand 65000
Tel/Fax: 0 5596 1148